Solid Aluminum Tactical
Walking Canes

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Information About The Aluminum We Use To Make Our Canes

The solid aluminum cane shafts are machined from 6061-T6 grade solid aluminum billet bar stock and hand polished to a mirror finish, then hard coat anodized. The knob handles are machined. The T handle and the C handles are forged. Hard coat anodizing is an electrochemical process that provides a surface that is wear resistant and leaves a smooth and hard surface free of imperfections, burrs and sharp edges.

During the hard coat anodizing process, a uniform aluminum oxide layer is formed on the surface that penetrates into the material. The hard coat anodizing process involves submerging the parts in a sulfuric acid bath for approximately one hour at approximately 32°F, with a density of approximately 30 amps. The cane surface is very smooth, corrosion resistant, and retains its highly polished, beautiful natural aluminum color.