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Information About Touching Up Your Black Stealth Walker Cane
Where To Get Touch Up Powder Coat Pens & Touch Up Paint

Go To The LVP Powder And Paints Website -

 AXALTA Is The Manufacturer. XLB600T2 Eco Black Tex Is The Part Description

If You Can't Find The Pen Or Paint By Searching Call 972-243-7386

Information About The Aluminum We Use To Make Our Canes
Cane sizing
Solid bar stock

The solid aluminum cane shafts are machined from 6061-T6 grade solid aluminum billet bar stock. The natural aluminum canes are hand polished and anodized clear. The Stealth Walker black canes are finished with my exclusive GripTech black powder coating. The T handle V handle, and the C handles are forged.


Polished And Anodized Finishes


The anodized natural aluminum Talon series of canes are polished to a bright, very shiny surface finish. The bright finish can be maintained by occasionally hand polishing with a good brand of aluminum polish such as Mothers brand.


The Black Grip Tech Powder Coating Finish


The decision was made to finish the Stealth Walker and the Talon series of canes with an innovative, flat-black Grip-Tech powder coating finish instead of the natural aluminum anodizing. This finish is absolutely amazing! It is a textured finish that provides an exceptional gripping surface, and it's extremely durable. There is no other cane finish like it anywhere.

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