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Why Buy A Solid Aluminum Walking Stick

The interchangeable handle feature on my tactical walking canes is only the beginning. They are one of the toughest, most durable canes you will find anywhere. They are a work of art, yet simple in design, well balanced, not intimidating, and you will immediately "feel the security" in your hand. As soon as you pick one up, you'll notice the professional machining, the fine forging, and the beauty of these solid billet canes. They are unlike anything ever designed and manufactured in the world of walking canes. There is no comparing these remarkable canes to any other cane made from a hollow tube, milled wood or composite plastic. The  solid bar structure and classic taper combined with a sleek, modern look puts these walking sticks in a class with no others. They will last a lifetime and beyond. The Best Walking Stick Money Can Buy - Feel The Security

Our Customers Are Important

As we progress through our cane project, it becomes apparent just how important our customers are. Many of our new and past products are a direct result of ideas and suggestions from customers, cane connoisseurs, and cane handlers. We listen, we learn, we innovate, we design, and we produce!

The Overall Project

Beauty, strength, simplicity and a non-intimidating design was my goal nearly thirty years ago when I formulated the idea to manufacture a fully tapered, fully machined walking cane from solid aluminum. With over five years in research, design and development, the solid aluminum walking canes are a reality, and we are now completely stocked with all products available to sell globally. These walking canes are one of the toughest, most durable walking canes you will ever find anywhere. It's a work of art, yet simple in design, well balanced, is not intimidating, and you will immediately notice the feel of security and protection in your hand as soon as you pick it up.


We have learned a lot from every production run that we've done over the past twelve years. We created many very fine solid aluminum walking canes and our thanks goes out to everyone who purchased one and made suggestions. Improvements were made, and quality has always been top priority. You simply will not be disappointed. We haven't disappointed anyone yet, and we don't intend to start anytime soon. Our search for the best mined and processed metals and the finest craftsmen has taken us all over the globe and we have now contracted with facilities in Asia and the United States who are producing the finest quality metals, machining, forging and finishing we have seen to date. They are excellent!


All Solid Aluminum Cane Parts Can Be Purchased Separately

Solid Aluminum Shaft

Crook C-Handle



Special Cross Hatched Slip-On Rubber Tips Fits All 5\8" OD Shafts

Heavy Duty Thick Wall Slip-On Rubber Tips Fits All 5\8" OD Shafts

Floating Rivet Style Rubber Tips For Older Models With Drilled Receptacles

NOTE: Rivet Tips Are For First Release Shafts Only - Not The Current Shafts

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