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Cane sizing photo

Cane Fitting

Turn your cane over and place the handle on the floor next to your shoe, or using a long straight stick place one end on the floor next to your shoe. Stand straight with your arms relaxed by your side and measure from the floor next to the outside center of your shoe up the stick to the indentation of your wrist joint. Don't stiffen your arms. Let your arms relax naturally which is slightly bent. This measurement is the typical total length of the cane that will fit your height, however we recommend adding one-half inch to this measurement for the proper arm bend when using your cane. If your cane is still too long after the first cut, simply make another cut to lower it until it is comfortable for you. Just a slight arm bend is desirable while using and walking with your cane. Too much arm bend is ineffective as well as too little arm bend.

Cane Cutting

Use the sizing guidelines and let us know in the comments during ordering if you need your cane cut to a specific length less than 38 inches. We can cut the cane to your preferred length or you can cut it. The aluminum cane is very easy to cut with a metal cutting saw such as a hack saw. Make sure your cut is square so the end fits flush into the rubber tip. Smooth any sharp edges with a file. Only cut the tip end and not the handle end.


Cane Care

Do not use aluminum polish on the black finished canes. Do not use any type of high speed polishing tool such as a Dremel Tool or an electric buffer on your cane. Some previous aluminum canes have a high quality, clear, hard coat anodized finish applied. Applying pressure with a high speed polishing tool can remove the anodized or powder coating finish and distort the finish. Use only a soft cloth to wipe your cane. Occasionally polishing the natural finished aluminum canes is recommended. I use Mothers aluminum polish. Don't use any type of polish on the powder coated canes

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