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I have only a few of these left over silver Talon one-piece solid aluminum canes that were finished as a special order. They are nothing short of beautiful and exhibit all of the features of my regular natural and black Talons, including the non-tapered 7/8 inch smooth shaft. Very Limited Quantity.


This Is The New Silver Talon One-Piece Smooth Shaft Solid Aluminum Metallic Silver Coated Tactical Walking Cane. If you like a heavy walking cane along with a remarkably beautiful finish, this is it. 

Not for the faint of heart, it's the ultimate heavy duty one-piece tactical walking cane, designed and manufactured like no other cane anywhere, machined from solid 6061-T6 billet aluminum bar stock, cut and shaped to perfection with a distinct "edge" on the handle and a perfectly formed smooth shaft with a beautiful silver metallic powder coated surface. This cane measures 37 inches without the rubber tip and has no taper on the 7/8 inch diameter shaft. It weighs 38 ounces. This is a one-piece cane, and it's a heavy duty, very solid and unique walking cane with an edged crook handle. There is no other cane like this anywhere. It is extremely strong. I have a very limited supply of these canes right now. I won't let you be disappointed. I've been designing and making the solid aluminum canes for 11 years and haven't disappointed anyone yet. I have less than 20 of these beautiful canes so grab one quick if you can. Thanks for looking.

Talon Solid Aluminum Silver Metallic Heavy Tactical Walking Cane

$139.95 Regular Price
$109.95Sale Price
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