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Black Stealth Walker Crook C Handle Only - No Shaft - 1st Quality


This is a great conventional handle to have to attach to your shaft when a situation might dictate conventionality. It's coated with my new Grip-Tech textured non-slip powder coating and screws on just like all of the other Stealth Walker handles. It's 3-3/4 inches tall and if you have other Stealth Walker handles, your cane length will not change when switching. If you have shorter (or taller) previous handles, be aware, your cane length will change when switching to this handle.

Black C Handle Only - No Shaft

  • After adding your cane or cane parts to the Cart, when you go to Checkout make sure to select the shipping Country from the drop down list to get the proper shipping rate. The shipping rate includes tracking and insurance for the full amount of purchase.

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