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I don't believe you will find another walking stick like this anywhere. This is my Stealth Walker C-Handle series of solid aluminum walking canes machined from solid billet aluminum bar stock, finished with the new GripTech black powder coating. The finish is absolutely amazing! The shaft is machine tapered the entire length of the shaft. This grooved model has two sections of shallow machined grooves for gripping on the upper and lower section of the shaft. The handle and the shaft are perfect finish match.


Many of you know my canes are not cheap junk made from hollow extruded tubes, wood or composite plastic. They are machined, milled, forged and solid. Very Solid, and this one is a very strong stick measuring 38 inches long and it weighs 32 ounces. The handle is removable. It unscrews to accommodate the additional handles that are sold separately or as part of a multi handle set..

This is one serious walking stick! A perfectly machined shaft that tapers from 7/8 inch diameter at the top to 5/8 inch diameter at the bottom, combined with a detachable C-handle at the top, makes this one of the most unique walking canes ever invented or manufactured. It comes with my unique cross hatched black rubber tip and a spare standard black tip. This series of canes are 6061-T6 grade aluminum finished to perfection.

These canes are excellent quality, machined, forged and hand finished and might have very tiny surface mill or finish marks, just like all previous solid aluminum cane parts. They are nothing serious and do not affect the cane integrity.

This is truly the highest quality walking stick you can imagine.

Stealth Walker Black Crook C Handle Solid Aluminum Walking Cane

  • After adding your cane or cane parts to the Cart, when you go to Checkout make sure to select the shipping Country from the drop down list to get the proper shipping rate. The shipping rate includes tracking and insurance for the full amount of purchase.

  • By design, all handles are the same height so the cane length does not change when switching handles.

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