Made From SOLID Aluminum

Authentic Solid Aluminum 
Tactical Walking Canes 

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A Major Breakthrough In Walking Stick Technology


C-Handle Solid Aluminum Canes

Derby T-Handle Solid Aluminum Canes

The New "V" Handle - Nothing Like It Anywhere

For centuries, people have owned canes and walking sticks for necessity, prestige, protection or collecting. Now it is possible to own the finest, solid machined, milled and forged aluminum cane ever manufactured. It's unbelievably strong! All canes are made from solid 6061-T6 grade billet aluminum, one of the strongest aluminum grades available for machining. 

 It's strength and design is impressive, to say the least, but it doesn't stop there. Two sections of well placed machine cut grooves on the upper and lower shaft provide a non-slip grip on the solid aluminum shaft. The shaft is machine tapered the entire length of the shaft. The solid aluminum forged or machined handles fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. The aluminum cane shaft diameter is 7/8 inch at the top of the shaft and 5/8 inch at the tip end.

Our exclusive engineering and machining process for tapering the long, one piece solid billet shaft creates one of the strongest, most beautiful walking canes ever. These canes are solid. We do not extrude the aluminum to make our canes. The taper is cut on a machine lathe the entire length of the shaft so the aluminum retains it's original strength and integrity. The cane comes with a heavy duty rubber slide on tip. Most standard cane tips will work for this cane if one prefers to change tips.

Cut To Length - See The Cane Sizing Page

This aluminum cane can be cut to your preferred length. The cane is relatively easy to cut with a metal cutting saw. Make sure your cut is square so the end fits flush into the rubber tip. Only cut the tip end and not the handle end.

NOTE: This cane is a Hand Made item. The shaft is machined and hand polished. The handles are either forged or machined and hand polished. As with most hand made, hand polished items, please expect tiny mill and forge marks. If visible they are nothing serious. The finish on our canes consists of a special Grip-Tech black powder coating.

 One And You'll Immediately Appreciate The Quality And Feel The Security Of This Remarkable New Solid Metal Walking Stick.

Limited One Year Warranty
The cane is guaranteed for one year against defects for the original owner, if the cane is reasonably cared for. Reasonable care means not abusing the cane and keeping the cane surface clean. This non-transferable warranty specifically excludes the rubber tip, loss, abuse, neglect, scratching, denting, common wear or misuse. No one in the process of manufacturing, distributing or promoting the solid aluminum cane assumes any liability for improper use or improper ownership of the cane.

See The Cane Fitting Page For Proper Cane Measuring Instructions

Beware of scammers from India advertising their junk cane by showing stolen photos of my my canes on commercial websites. They do not sell my canes. What they show and sell is not my cane but rather a junk cane with hollow tube shafts that are not machined and are nothing close to what I make.

Cane Lengths And Weights

Stealth Walker Series V-Handle Canes

V-Handle Cane 38" L - 32 oz

Stealth Walker T-Handle Canes

T-Handle Cane 38" L - Weight 32 oz

See The Cane Fitting Page For Cane Sizing