Solid Machined Aluminum 
Tactical Walking Canes 
"Feel The Security"

Made From Solid Billet Bar Stock - One Piece Tapered Shaft
Extremely Strong.  The Only Affordable Tapered
Solid Aluminum Cane Anywhere!

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The Black Billet Signature Set - Comes with one signature shaft, one knob handle, one T handle, one long black velvet bag for the shaft, two black velvet bags for the two handles, one heavy duty cross hatched rubber tip. The cane is 38 inches long with either handle attached. The shaft diameter is 7/8 inch at the top and tapers to 5/8 inch at the bottom tip end. This is my first signature solid aluminum cane. It is finished with a semi-gloss black, hard coat anodized surface and it comes branded with the Laser Etched Silver Logo you see in the photo. When either handle is attached, the length of the cane remains 38 inches. It is a beauty, for sure. The high quality semi-gloss hard anodizing is more expensive than the natural anodizing, but I was able to keep the cost fairly reasonable by increasing the order.

Note Please Read: Even though this cane is finished with a tough, anodized surface, this is no guarantee the surface won't scratch. Any metal and any surface will scratch if it is contacted with an abrasive or sharp surface. Other cane manufacturers that finish their canes with black anodizing or coating receive reviews about their canes scratching and leaving the underlying metal exposed. This is one of the reasons I've held off creating a black cane, but demand for my cane to be produced in black was so great I could not hold off any longer. I did the best I could to create the best cane and the best finish. Every day normal use of the Black Billet will not affect the finish, but if you scrape it on a brick corner, or bang it on a hard object, or something similar, you can expect a metal exposure scratch. This is just the nature of any surface applied finish on any metal. Do not use aluminum polish on the Black Billet or any colored anodized aluminum finish.