Made From SOLID Aluminum

The Original Solid Aluminum 
Tactical  Walking Canes 

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The Stealth Walker Black T Handle Only - No Shaft


Stealth Walker T-Handle - 1st Quality - Handle Only


This is the new Stealth Walker T Handle with the new black GripTech lightly textured powder coated finish. It's a complete re-design of the original T handle with a longer forged stem making it 3-3/4 inches tall just like all of the other Stealth Walker handles. It it solid aluminum, very comfortable and extremely strong, nearly 5 inches wide, and it will fit any shaft that you purchased from me in the past.


NOTE: I can not guarantee the finish tone on this handle will be a perfect match to previously purchased solid aluminum canes. It's difficult to create these parts with the exact same finish every time a batch is run. This handle may not be as "glossy" as your current black cane and other handles.

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