Made From SOLID Aluminum

The Original Solid Aluminum 
Tactical  Walking Canes 

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The Stealth Walker Black V Handle Only - No Shaft


Handle Only - No Shaft - 1st Quality


Many of my fine customers have requested this type of tactical handle, and many have requested a handle with a strap hole. Here It Is!


This is the new Stealth Walker V Handle with a the new GripTech lightly textured powder coated finish. This V Handle measures 3-3/4 inches tall just like all of the other Stealth Walker handles. It is solid aluminum, comfortable and strong, 5 inches wide, and it will fit any shaft that you purchased from me in the past.


NOTE: I can not guarantee the finish tone on this handle will be a perfect match to previously purchased solid aluminum canes. It's difficult to create these parts with the exact same finish every time a batch is run. This handle may not be as "glossy" as your current cane and handles.


This Cane Handle Is Extremely Comfortable. It's useful design is obvious which also lends itself to being the most comfortable handle you can imagine. The "V" fits naturally between the thumb and forefinger which aligns your weight directly over the center of the shaft. A well thought out design, and extremely strong.

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