Made From SOLID Aluminum

 Solid Aluminum Tactical
Walking Canes

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2 HANDLE SET CLOSE OUT Solid Aluminum Tactical Demo Canes - Knob & C-Handle - BEST DEAL !




Original Style - Two Handles - Best Deal Ever


Solid Aluminum Tactical Knob & C-Handle Walking Cane


Fully Machined And Tapered With Grooved Grip Shaft


One Shaft - Two Handles - One Extension - Two Tips


I have a some canes that I have used over the years to display at various indoor shows. These are perfectly usable and will show some common dings and scratches from handling and moving them around. This is a TWO HANDLE SET with an extension to equalize the length when switching handles. They are my original series, fully anodized and extremely strong. These will have minor scratches, or a ding, dent, scuff, etc, but nothing serious, and certainly nothing that affects them structurally. There is a finish tone variation from shaft to handle. Anodizing at different times is never a perfect match.

Cane Size And Weight


C-Handle - 39-1/2" Long - Weight 33 oz


Knob And Extension - 39-1/2" Long - Weight 32 oz


Knob With No Extension - 37-1/2 Long - Weight 30 oz


Cane Diameter - 7/8" At The Handle End Tapering To 5/8" At The Tip



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