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 Solid Aluminum Tactical
Walking Canes

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2 HANDLE SET Original Style Edged C + Regular C - Solid Aluminum Tactical Walking Cane Slight Blemishes


Edged C Handle AND Regular C Handle

2 Interchangeable Handles - 1 Grooved Shaft - Slight Blemishes

This is the first time I have offered a 2-handle set, and this is the most likely the best price you will ever see on these remarkable, hand made, machined and forged, solid billet aluminum, tactical walking canes. These are not used canes. They are new. I call them 2nds or demos because they Will have one or more of the following: slight scratches, particularly on the handles - a tiny over buff mark - a very small finish streak from the anodizing process - and all of them have a finish variation from handle to shaft, meaning the handle is a higher gloss than the shaft. They are expensive to make. It's a loser for me, and a winner for you !

You will get the Tactical Edged C Handle AND the Regular Crook Style C handle and One Grooved Shaft. What's even better is, when you switch handles, the length of this cane will not change. The cane is 40 inches long with either handle attached and the weight with the Edged C Handle is 33 ounces, and 34 ounces with the Regular Crook Style C handle attached. It's very easy to change handles. Just unscrew one, and screw on the other handle. I use a large M12 X 1.25 thread which fastens the handles very securely on the cane shaft.

The shaft has an upper and lower section of macIhne cut grooves for extra gripping power. The cane is 7/8 of an inch in diameter at the handle end and is fully machine tapered to 5/8 of an inch diameter at the tip end of the cane, and these are clear, hard coat anodized. You can easily cut the cane to your size with a common, hand-held hacksaw or other good fine tooth saw.

Save Big And Switch Handles When Needed !

Don't Pass This Up If You Want The Finest Machined And Forged Solid Aluminum Tactical Walking Cane Ever Made !

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