Made From SOLID Aluminum

The Original Solid Aluminum 
Tactical  Walking Canes 

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Stealth Walker BLACK Q-Ball Handle Solid Aluminum Tactical Walking Cane




  Grip Tech Black Powder Coated

  Change Handles With The Stealth Walker And The Cane Length Does Not Change !

  I don't believe you will find another walking stick like this anywhere. This is the new release of my new Stealth Walker series of solid aluminum walking canes machined from solid billet aluminum bar stock with the New Grip Tech Powder Coated Finish. The finish is absolutely amazing! It is a textured finish that provides an exceptional gripping surface, non-annoying, and it's extremely durable. There is no other cane finish like it anywhere. The handle is the exact size of a cue ball, solid aluminum, and the shaft is machine tapered the entire length of the shaft

  Many of you know my canes are not cheap junk made from hollow extruded tubes, wood or composite plastic. They are machined, milled, forged and solid. Very Solid, and this one is a very strong stick measuring 38 inches long and it weighs 35 ounces. The handle is removable. It unscrews to accommodate the additional upcoming handles that are being completed and released.

This is one serious walking stick! A perfectly machined shaft that tapers from 7/8 inch diameter at the top to 5/8 inch diameter at the bottom, combined with a detachable, 2-1/4 inch diameter solid aluminum cue ball at the top, makes this one of the most unique walking canes ever invented or manufactured. It comes with my unique cross hatched black rubber tip and a spare standard black tip.

    This is truly the highest quality walking stick you can imagine. The amazing Grip Tech powder coating is specially formulated for the Stealth Walker series walking canes. It is an extremely tough coating originally designed for outdoor equipment. It will withstand normal use and wear for many years to come. As with any metal coating, the surface is not immune to abuse and will scratch if enough force is applied to the cane. Take care of your cane and the finish will last a lifetime.

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