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Stealth Walker - Smooth Shaft Cue Ball Handle Solid Machined Aluminum Tactical Walking


NOTE - Please Read - The other cane handles and extensions that I have listed on Ebay will Not fit this cue-ball cane shaft. Any previous handles and extension that you bought from me will Not fit this cue-ball handle cane shaft. The male thread on this shaft is longer than the previous shafts. I will soon have other handles that will fit this shaft.


Outstanding Solid Machined Aluminum

Smooth Shaft Cue Ball Handle Tactical Walking Cane

Highly Polished - Not Anodized

I don't believe you will find another walking stick like this anywhere. This is the 1st release of my new Stealth Walker series of solid aluminum walking canes machined from solid billet aluminum bar stock. The handle is the exact size of a cue ball, solid aluminum, and the smooth shaft is machine tapered the entire length of the shaft. 

Many of you know my canes are not cheap junk made from hollow extruded tubes, wood or composite plastic. The are machined, milled and solid. Very Solid, and this one is a beast of a stick measuring 38 inches long and it weighs 35 ounces. The handle is removable. It unscrews to accommodate the additional upcoming handles that will soon be completed and released.

This stick is Not anodized. It is 6061-T6 grade aluminum and polished to a mirror finish. I stopped anodizing due to inconsistencies in finish tones. You will have to occasionally polish this cane to keep the bright finish and prevent the typical aluminum oxidation residue from forming on the surface. I use Mothers aluminum polish.

This is one serious walking stick! A perfectly machined shaft that tapers from 7/8 inch diameter at the top to 5/8 inch diameter at the bottom, combined with a detachable, 2-1/4 inch diameter solid aluminum cue ball at the top, makes this one of the most unique walking canes ever invented or manufactured. It comes with my unique cross hatched rubber tip.

This is truly the highest quality walking stick you can imagine.

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