Made From SOLID Aluminum

Authentic Solid Aluminum 
Tactical Walking Canes 

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Package Of 4 Slip On Cross Hatched Tactical Rubber Tips


These tips do not come with internal washers. - Washers are typically needed on hollow tube type canes where the edge of the tube can cut through the rubber floor. Our canes are a solid bar so the cane end seats just like a washer.

A pack of 4 rubber tips. These are my new and improved, high quality, slip-on rubber tips that have much thicker rubber and fit easier on the 5/8 inch tip end of the shaft. The ball end is wider with a floor of rubber nearly 1/2 inch thick. Each tip is cross hatched and has a thicker sleeve for more durability. These new tips are larger than the previous cross hatched tips. I believe these will last a lot longer than the previous cross hatched tips. You will receive these tips packed in a white box, shipped USPS First Class.


NOTE: These will Not fit the solid titanium canes. The titanium canes have been discontinued.



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