Solid Machined Aluminum Tactical Walking Cane

Made From Solid Billet Bar Stock - One Piece Tapered Shaft
Extremely Strong.  The Only Affordable Tapered
Solid Aluminum Cane Anywhere!

Information About The Aluminum And Titanium We Use To Make Our Canes

The solid aluminum canes are hand polished to a mirror finish, then hard coat anodized. Hard coat anodizing is an electrochemical process that provides a surface that is wear resistant and leaves a smooth and hard surface free of imperfections, burrs and sharp edges. During the hard coat anodizing process, a uniform aluminum oxide layer is formed on the surface that penetrates into the material. The hard coat anodizing process involves submerging the parts in a sulfuric acid bath for approximately one hour at approximately 32°F, with a density of approximately 30 amps. The cane surface is very smooth, corrosion resistant, and retains its highly polished, beautiful natural aluminum color. 

Titanium is heavier than aluminum. Titanium is one of the most beautiful and strongest, corrosion resistant metals on the planet. The process to manufacture titanium sponge, then turn it into solid bar stock using some very unique forming methods from extremely high heat and chemical processes is very difficult. The end result is fantastic!

The solid titanium canes are hand polished using an electro polishing process. This is an electro chemical process that removes a controlled amount of surface material from the outer layer of the cane parts. Removing this thin layer of material eliminates surface imperfections, embedded contaminants, sharp edges and burrs. The surface it leaves behind is smooth, wear resistant,  highly corrosion resistant and free of imperfections. The electro polished titanium canes are left with a distinct and lasting, beautiful natural mirror finish.