Solid Machined Aluminum Tactical Walking Cane

Made From Solid Billet Bar Stock - One Piece Tapered Shaft
Extremely Strong.  The Only Affordable Tapered
Solid Aluminum Cane Anywhere!

COMING SOON - The "Black Billet" Signature Set - Mil-Spec Finish

This new tactical walking cane will be the premier aluminum cane of all times. It is finished with a matte black Military Grade hard coat anodized surface and it comes with T handle and a knob handle, branded with the logo you see on the left. When either handle is attached, the length of the cane remains 38 inches. It is a beauty, for sure. The Military Grade (MIL-A-8625 Type III Class 2) hard anodizing is much more expensive than originally anticipated so the retail price of this set will be $229.95, still a bargain for one of the best tactical walking canes ever manufactured. Anticipated date 6-1-2017.

The difference between this cane and our standard hard coat, natural finish canes is this cane receives premier handling, meaning each piece is individually handled and anodized, one-by-one, to insure the highest quality possible. The Military Grade anodizing penetrates the surface deeper and forms a thicker, extremely durable matte (flat) black finish that is absolutely outstanding in looks and quality. Extra care is also taken in all machining and forging processes. All cane parts are placed in individual containers during transport from one process to another which insures every stage of manufacturing is done with the intent of producing a perfect product.