Solid Machined Aluminum 
Tactical Walking Canes 
"Feel The Security"

Made From Solid Billet Bar Stock - One Piece Tapered Shaft
Extremely Strong.  The Only Affordable Tapered
Solid Aluminum Cane Anywhere!

The Evolution Continues

The All New "Silver Billet" Coming Soon

The First Ever - Complete Walking Cane Set

To the best of my knowledge, this has never been done before. Sometime mid-year 2018 I will be introducing a complete walking cane set with 6 interchangeable handles. When the handles are switched, the cane length will remain the same. You will be able to simply choose your handle for comfort, security or protection and not have to worry about the cane being too long or too short.  Cane users have long complained about when using different handles, or switching canes, the cane length changes. I have solved this problem and this innovative cane will be sold as a complete set or individually, machined and forged from solid aluminum billet bar stock.  It doesn't get any better than this.......Coming Soon !

Six Handles.
One Shaft.
Length Does
Not Change.

Coming Soon. Two New Handles. The Billiards Ball Handle And The Varnier Handle. Both Expected Mid-2018