Solid Machined Aluminum 
Tactical Walking Canes 
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Made From Solid Billet Bar Stock - One Piece Tapered Shaft
Extremely Strong.  The Only Affordable Tapered
Solid Aluminum Cane Anywhere!

Here Is What Our Customers Have To Say About Our Canes

"I am blown away: THIS IS A GREAT CANE. Thanks also for quick shipping"  -  "Better than described. Gorgeous. If you like canes buy one of these"  -  "I have a rather large cane collection and this is one of the coolest!!! Thanks"  -  "Well machined, built and designed cane. More than met my expectations"  -  "Very nice professionally fabricated product, heavy weight and sturdy"  -  "BEST customer impressed I bought 2 Thank you!!! AAA+++"  -  "Epic! It would be hard to damage these, but why would I, they're fantastic!"  -  "Absolutely First Class Product, Extremely Satisfied"


The "Black Billet" And The New, Improved Solid Aluminum Natural Anodized Finish Tactical Walking Canes - The Black Billet is my first signature model and my first cane anodized with a milspec black anodized finish. Both models are 38 inches long with the knob handle and with the T handle. Switch handles and the length remains the same.

Handles Are Interchangeable
Limited Edition Signature Series Solid Titanium Cane

The best of the best. This is our first Signature Model. The cane is laser branded in black lettering with our lightning bolt Titanium logo and the designers name. It is one of the most beautifully designed and finished canes ever manufactured, and we believe it's a first. It is available with a grooved shaft, with your choice of the traditional knob handle or the derby style T handle. 1.5 inch extensions are sold separately.
The Original Knob

Solid Aluminum Knob Handle Cane

The Original "Old Reliable"


This extremely sturdy knob handle cane is machined from solid aluminum with a tapered shaft and a solid aluminum, machined knob handle. This cane comes with a slip-on rubber tip. We do not cut canes and recommend cutting with a hack saw or with a high-speed metal cutting saw. A slip-on rubber tip comes standard with the cane or any tip that fits a 5/8 inch shaft will work.

The Original T Handle
Solid Aluminum Derby T Handle Cane
The Derby T-Handle cane is machined from solid aluminum  with a forged derby T handle, and is fully tapered the entire length of the shaft. The very comfortable derby handle is 4-1/2 inches wide. This cane comes with a slip-on rubber tip. It can be cut to your desired length. We do not cut canes and recommend cutting with a hack saw or with a high-speed metal cutting saw. A slip-on rubber tip comes standard with the cane or any tip that fits a 5/8 inch shaft will work.
The Standard Crook Handle

Solid Aluminum C Handle Cane

The Crook C-Handle cane is machined from solid aluminum with a tapered shaft and a solid aluminum forged "crook" handle with a wide 4-1/4 inch opening for great grabbing power. This cane comes with a slip-on rubber tip. It can be cut to your desired length. We do not cut canes and recommend cutting with a hack saw or with a high-speed metal cutting saw. A slip-on rubber tip comes standard with the cane or any tip that fits a 5/8 inch shaft will work.
Edged C-Handle - Very Effective

Solid Aluminum Edged C Handle


Our new "edged" C crook handle is a work of art and a masterful design that was inspired by many suggestions and ideas from cane users all over the world, many of whom are expert cane handlers. It is solid, sturdy, comfortable and Very Effective! We took our third C handle design and straight cut the end creating an elongated edge like no other handle on the market. It is only 1/4 inch shorter on the inside curve than our regular C handle although the "cut" makes it look shorter. We believe it is simply the finest  cane handle money can buy. It is fully polished and anodized to perfection.

Smooth Shaft - Without Grooves

Solid Aluminum Smooth Shaft Cane


We have had many requests for a smooth shaft cane without gripping grooves. Well, we did it, and it's absolutely beautiful! In fact it's magnificent! The appearance of this cane is nearly indescribable. The fully machined solid tapered shaft, smooth from top to bottom, highly polished and anodized combined with any one of our four handles attached is a work of art to say the least. It is a non-intimidating looking cane, fully capable of performing when needed. I had no idea it would turn out this good. It is amazing!

The Hiking Staff Extension

20 Inch Extension To Form A Hiking Staff (New)

This new device attaches between the cane handle and the cane shaft and adds twenty inches of length to form a 56 to 58 inch solid aluminum hiking staff that weighs approximately three pounds. The extension is fully machined, non-grooved, non-tapered and anodized with male and female thread attachments, and matches the diameter of the cane shaft perfectly. Attached to the grooved or smooth shaft.

Switch from walking cane to hiking staff by simply screwing on the twenty inch extension. It's just that easy. The extension attaches to any one of our four solid aluminum walking cane handles.

The Cane Extension
Two Inch Extension For The Solid Aluminum Cane And The Solid Titanium Cane

This solid machined extension adds two inches to the length of your cane. It screws between the handle and the shaft.
The One-Inch Extension
One Inch Extension For The Solid Aluminum Cane

This solid machined extension adds one inch to the length of your cane. It screws between the handle and the shaft.
Joins Two Shafts

Hiking Stick Bo-Staff Shaft Joiner


Another request from many customers was the ability to form a long Hiking Staff or Bo-Staff.  One can now take two cane shafts and join them together using a two-inch solid aluminum "joiner" to form a 70 inch hiking staff Bo-staff that weighs 3 pounds 2 ounces.

Our Customers Are Important !

As we progress through our cane project, it becomes apparent just how important our customers are. Many of our new and past products are a direct result of ideas and suggestions from customers and cane connoisseurs and cane handlers. We listen, we learn, we design, we innovate, and we produce!

The Overall Project

Beauty, strength, simplicity and a non-intimidating design was my goal over twenty years ago when I formulated the idea to manufacture a fully tapered, fully machined walking cane from solid aluminum and titanium. With over five years in

research, design and development, the solid aluminum and solid titanium walking canes are a reality, and we are now completely stocked with all products available to sell Internationally. These walking canes are one of the toughest, most durable walking canes you will ever find anywhere. It's a work of art, yet simple in design, well balanced, is Not intimidating, and you will immediately notice the 'feel of security' and protection in your hand as soon as you pick it up.

We have learned a lot from our first four production runs and created some very fine solid aluminum

walking canes and our thanks goes out to everyone who purchased one and made suggestions. Improvements have been made, and quality is top priority. You simply will not be disappointed. We haven't disappointed anyone yet, and we don't intend to start anytime soon. Our search for the best mined and processed metals and the finest craftsmen has taken us all over the globe and we have now contracted with two facilities in Asia who are producing the finest quality metals and machining we have seen, to date. They are excellent, and guaranteed for life!

It is now practical to own all four handles and keep the length of all three very close to the same length using an extension only for the Knob handle. This was our goal all along.

The Titanium Project

We now have what I believe is the first, affordable, tapered, solid titanium walking cane that's ever been manufactured.

This titanium project has been remarkably difficult and expensive, to say the least, and the project was nearly scrapped several times. This is not to say we're giving up on titanium products, we're not, but we're moving with caution as to not get financially bound to a specialty product.

I now understand why no one has produced a solid titanium cane. When I started the titanium project, I was told by a number of manufacturers and machinists that it could not be done. Fortunately I found two that were willing to try, for a cost. Tapering a 34 inch rod, end-to-end became a challenge of monumental proportions. Our first two runs produced a good taper on a thicker shaft, but the canes weighed in at 43 ounces. A weight that was acceptable to some, but too heavy for quickness of use for most. We then decided to remove weight from the shaft by decreasing the diameter of the shaft and our machinists went bonkers. The word impossible came up again. So our production once again turned back to the experimental stage trying to stabilize the shaft during cutting. The wobble and run-out was sabotaging our project, but fortunately, persistent engineers and more money overcame the stability problems and we now have the first solid titanium tapered cane ever produced.

All Aluminum Cane Parts Can Be Purchased Separately

2 Inch Extensions
20 Inch Extensions
Knob Handle
Both C-Handles
Joiner (for joining two shafts)
Floating "Rivet" Style Rubber Tips (For Older Models With Drilled Receptacles)
Standard Slip-On Rubber Tips (Fits All 5\8" and 1\2" OD Shafts)

NOTE: Old Style Rivet Tips Are For First Release Shafts Only - Not The Current Shafts

We have plenty of rivet type rubber tips in stock for the older canes that have the drilled receptacle on the tip end, but we have abandoned the "floating tip" design due to too many personal preferences in cane height. We thought it was a good idea, but as it turns out a standard cane cut to fit with a slip-on rubber tip satisfies more people.
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